A Dying Tradition?

That of the Parish Magazine… The Telegraph reports:

The first edition of the Haworth Church Notice from 1899 and the very last edition

Church leaders fear the writing is on the wall for traditional church magazines after one of the oldest in the country closes after more than 100   years.

For more than 150 years, England’s parish rags were first port of call for anyone wanting the latest gossip or date of the next WI meeting.

But now they are falling victim to the digital age and one of the oldest, the parish magazine at the Brontes former home of Haworth, West Yorkshire, flourished in the aftermath of the sisters’ literary legacy, is to close…

Experts fear less than five years after the Church of England celebrated 150 years of church magazines many as we know them are on the verge of extinction.

Those not replaced by websites are being rebranded as glossy quarterly magazines, minus most of the traditional content.

It seems the fortunes of the vicar’s cricket team, the letter from the Rector, and dates of the next church outing are no longer the compulsory reading they once were.

Bishop of Bradford Rt Rev Nick Baines, one of the guiding lights of Church of England communications, said: “The whole media world has changed.

“People look at a church on the Internet not wandering around buildings.

“If we are trying to communicate more widely there are other more imaginative cost effective ways of doing it. “What we should not be is slaves to nostalgia and see if there is a better way of doing things.

“The other thing is you have to have the people to produce a church magazine which can be a problem these days”…

Rest here.

Sad, but true.



One thought on “A Dying Tradition?

  1. The CoE has also lost “spiritual” content, which in the past years has been Judeo-Christian. With more and more Jewish and Messianic Christians, the content will become literally Jewish Scripture, and those Christians that believe in that genre also, since it also moves in the NT writers and revelation itself… as Paul wrote: “To the Jew first and also the Greek/Gentile” (Rom. 1: 16)! But again, Gentile Christianity is now quite in a huge slide, and open apostasy! This is not just a change of media aspect, though that is there to some degree, but a change of belief and depth, or lack thereof in the human spirit to believe God’s Word! Simply/profoundly, “the times of the Gentiles are being fulfilled”! (Coming to an end!)

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