Inter-Religious Dialogue




One thought on “Inter-Religious Dialogue

  1. It’s always best to quote the whole text, and context! Even the KJV says: “For all the gods of the nations are idols: but the Lord made the heavens.” (Ps. 96: 5) And verse 6, “But the Lord made the heavens. Honour and majesty are before him: Strength and beauty are in his sanctuary.”

    The argument and appeal are to the Lord’s (Jehovah) power, in creation! Btw, the attributes of “honour and majesty”, are perhaps here ‘personified, and regarded as attendants in God’s Presence.’

    So the “god’s of the Gentiles-Nations and people here, really are regarded as “idols” before the Lord Jehovah! The Hebrew word here means that the Gentile “gods” and images really are of no value, just things of “nothing” before Jehovah!

    Let us quote again the KJV Text here: “Give unto the Lord glory and strength. Give unto the Lord the glory due His name: Bring an offering and come into His courts. O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness: Fear before Him, all the earth.” (verses 7-9).

    This Psalm 96 really is a universal call and praise of Jehovah! ‘When the house (of the Lord) was being built after the Captivity.’ “In the recent deliverance of Israel the Psalmist sees the earnest of the establishment of the universal Divine kingdom of righteousness, and he looks forward to the New Temple becoming “a house of prayer for all the peoples.” The liturgical use of such Psalms as this served to keep alive the Messianic hope in Israel, and to prepare the way for the Advent of God in Christ.” (A.F. Kirkpatrick)

    *And literally, the “sanctuary” here is not heaven, but the restored Temple! But of course too, spiritually it is also God’s eternal reality and Temple.

    Btw too, we could not leave this Psalm.. without quoting verse 10! “Say among the nations, Jehovah hath proclaimed Himself King.” And both Tertullian and Justin (the Martyr), Latin fathers, saw this Psalm as pointing to the prophecy of Christ’s triumph through death! Following the Old Latin Version as preserved in the “Psalterium Romanum”, which contains the famous reading “Dominus regnavit a lingo, ‘The Lord hath reigned from the tree.’

    So in reality, the only “Inter-Religious Dialogue” here, is both Jewish and Christian, or the Judeo-Christian!

    *Yes, the Psalter is my favorite Book/Books of the Bible! (Note S. Paul’s use and quotation of the Psalms (note Ps. 19 here, Rom. 1: 19-20, with Rom. 10: 18)…Paul also liked to quote the Septuagint here!

    For those that have rode along with me here… Peace! 😉

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