Church Fresco Depicts Tito, Marx and Engels in Hell

The Church is in Montenegro:

Fresco from church in Podgorica, Montenegro

A church in Montenegro has sparked controversy by displaying a fresco depicting Yugoslav communist leader Josip Broz Tito in the fires of hell with Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

The newly built Church of Resurrection in the capital Podgorica has already drawn criticism for its lavish design.

Critics now say the church should not be interfering in politics.

Works by philosophers Marx and Engels were required reading when Montenegro was part of communist Yugoslavia.

One church leader, named only as Dragan, told the Agence France-Presse news agency that Marx, Engels and Tito “personify communist evil in the Balkans” and the artist should be “allowed the freedom to see things as he wishes”…

The Church of Resurrection in Podgorica

I don’t see any mention of the Churchmen who are being swallowed by the Behemoth.



One thought on “Church Fresco Depicts Tito, Marx and Engels in Hell

  1. If they have Tito there, then Stalin also should be there with the other communists. Need we remind ourselves that Stalin had an early pact with Hitler and the German Nation, when they swallowed-up Poland at the beginning of WW II! Not to mention Stalin killing his own people later!

    Generally however, I would agree that we should leave all the Judgment up to God! But Montenegro was itself communist at one time, so they should have a say in their own history!

    Btw, what “Churchmen” are we talking about here? My list would be pretty radical! 😉 I am thinking of a so-called Anglican guy who is teaching in Scotland! And of course a new Jesuit pope! Here, I am not judging their eternal destiny, as their most departed place from historical orthodoxy! Btw, both are simply products of modernity & postmodernity!

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