British Airways A380 Fly-Past in Cape Town

I saw the special British Airways A380 fly-past earlier today, here, in Cape Town. It’s a monster of a plane – the world’s largest passenger airliner! The reason is apparently because BA is starting an A380 service to and from London later this month. News24 has some sent in pics:

View image on Twitter

There are more here.

And the flight plan (mostly around Robben Island) :

Wikipedia has more on the A380 here.



3 thoughts on “British Airways A380 Fly-Past in Cape Town

  1. Wow, Airbus is sure the right name! Can ya imagine the Avionics? I miss the Concorde! Btw, I still have my father’s flight log’s, both his military and civilian. And he owned several airplanes, besides air racing. He was a hard act to follow! 😉 I chased that image when I was young, but finally went my own way! But I am always his ‘first-born’! 🙂

    1. Margaret, your kind! 🙂 But my father was the “brain” in the family, when he wasn’t flying he was talking science and physics! We had our share of intellectual debates over the years, but I always give him the place of respect! I sure do miss that old man! 😉

      Btw, I do have a commercial pilots license, but the biggest plane I fly is usually a single engine Cessna, though I do love to fly the old Stearman biplane! My father loved that one too!

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