The ‘Miracle’ Recovery of Last Rites Patient

In the Barnsley Chronicle:Mary Young

A woman who was given the last rites stunned her family when she started to talk hours later.

Mary Young had received end of life care following a heart attack and was visited by Barnsley Hospital chaplain Fr Peter Needham.

Mary, 87, of Taylor Crescent, Grimethorpe, was taken to hospital on January 11.

Daughter Marie Gledhill, of Bank End Road, Worsbrough Dale, was contacted the next day by staff to say her mother was deteriorating and that she and her brother Tommy should come.

“My mum was out of it, the nurse said she could have hours or days.

“She didn’t even know Fr Peter was there but he came and gave her the last rites.

“I stayed with her after and was talking to her and all of a sudden she started answering me.

“It’s a miracle, there’s no other explanation. You take it as gospel what the doctors say, but they couldn’t believe it.”

Mary was allowed home on January 24.

She said she doesn’t remember anything from needing an ambulance to waking up and talking to Marie, but said she felt someone was looking down on her.



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