A Crisis of Biblical Proportions



2 thoughts on “A Crisis of Biblical Proportions

  1. Surely, we are in a great and grave ‘Crisis of Biblical Proportions’! But this dowry prayer for England and the British, with the Ave Regina Caelorum, only find their fulfillment in the Person and Work of Christ, and His Offices and “Sessions” above, as the “One God, and One Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus, Who gave Himself a ransom (“antilutron” Gk. only here) for all, to be testified in due time.” (1 Tim. 3: 5-6) “to be testified (the testimony) in due time.” Means really in its own seasons! Note Gal. 4: 4.

    *”That Christ gave up His life in expiatory sacrifice under God’s judgment upon sin and thus provided a ransom whereby those who receive Him on this ground obtain deliverance from the penalty due to sin, is what the Scripture teaches. What the Lord states in the two passages mentioned involves this essential character of His death. In these passages the preposition is “anti”, which has a vicarious significance, indicating that the ransom holds good for those who, accepting it as such, no longer remain in death since Christ suffered death in their stead. The change of the preposition in 1 Tim. 2: 6, where the word “antilutron”, a substitutionary ransom, is used, is significant. There the preposition is “huper”, on behalf of, and the statement is made that He “gave Himself a ransom for all,” indicating that the ransom was provisionally universal, while being of a vicarious character. Thus the three passages consistently show that while the provision was universal, for Christ died for all men [sufficiently], yet it is actual [efficient] for those only who accept God’s conditions, and who are described in the Gospel statements as “the many.” The giving of His life was the giving of His entire Person, and while His death under Divine judgment was alone expiatory, it cannot be dissociated from the character of His life which, being sinless, gave virtue to His death and was a testimony to the fact that His death must be of a vicarious nature.” – W.E. (William Edwy-)Vine -1873-1949-, Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words, Originally published in England by Oliphants, Marshall Pickering, 1940.

    1. Just a further quick note, but I am not anti-Marian, but I am somewhat (note only somewhat) closer to the Eastern Orthodox on Mary, she is certainly the Theotokos (God-bearer). But not biblically at least, Co-Redemptrix or Mediatrix of all Graces! Nor is she, as per Thomas Aquinas (as perhaps too, Bernard of Clairvaux?) the Immaculate Conception. This is my “Biblicism” at least! 🙂

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