Hundreds Flock to ‘Weeping’ Mary Statue in Israel

Yahoo news:

Hundreds of people have flocked to a small town in northern Israel to view a statue of the Virgin Mary that residents say “weeps” oil.

Members of a Christian family from Tarshiha, near the Lebanon border, say they have witnessed a miracle in their living room.

Osama Khoury said Tuesday that his wife Amira found the statue “covered with oil” recently. Amira said the statue “spoke to her” and told her not to be afraid. After a neighbor witnessed the oil, word soon spread.

Parts of the statue appear to be slick with moisture, even after it is wiped off.

The family says it is most striking when a “tear” seems to roll down the statue’s cheek. It says some 2,000 people have come to see the statue over the last week.

There’s a video here too.



5 thoughts on “Hundreds Flock to ‘Weeping’ Mary Statue in Israel

  1. Ma’alot – Tarshiha, called the “Switzerland of the Galilee”

    Ma’alot – Tarshiha is a successful, flourishing city situated in the heart of the Western Galilee (the North District in Israel), on verdant hills 600 meters above sea level and commanding a view of an enchanting mountainous landscape and the breathtakingly beautiful Wadi Koren. The city lies only 20 kilometers (12.5 miles) from the seashore. The jurisdiction area of Ma’alot – Tarshiha encompasses 9267 dunam (unit of land), with a population of approximately 24,000.

    79.7 % Jewish, 20% Arab, 10% Christian, 9 % Muslim and 1.0 % Druze.

    I am not sure, but it might be that the home of the Christians (Osama Khoury and his wife) where this statue of Mary stands, are Lebanese Eastern Catholics? But again, not certain.

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