D-Day: 70 Years Ago, Today

Today we mark the 70th anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy.

Discovery has some photos:

The Allied invasion to liberate mainland Europe from Nazi occupation during World War II took place 70 years ago today on June 6, 1944.

Operation Overlord was the largest seaborne invasion in military history, with more than 156,000 Allied troops storming the beaches of France. Soldiers in the operation made up six divisions — three American, two British and one Canadian.

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You may also like to read A Padres Tale: How an Army Chaplain’s Diary Throws New Light on the Anniversary of D-Day.

The diary of an Army chaplain vividly illustrates the terror and bravery of the men who took part in the D-Day invasion of Europe 70 years ago on Friday.

Captain Leslie Skinner was an army chaplain who landed on the coast of Normandy on the morning of 6 June 1944 with the Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry tank regiment

Close to where fierce tank battles raged only moments earlier, an Army chaplain crouches over the lifeless corpse of a British soldier and carefully stitches him into an impromptu body bag.

During a lull in the fighting Captain Leslie Skinner holds a brief funeral ceremony over the soldier’s body, laid to rest by his comrades in a shallow grave dug into the soil of Normandy.

The pictures below, taken by a war photographer at the front line, show some of the many poignant moments captured by Capt Skinner in a detailed diary he kept of his part in the invasion of Europe in June 1944.

Now extensive sections of his powerful account are being published for the first time, as the centrepiece of the Imperial War Museum Duxford’s commemoration of the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

The diary, parts of which are being exclusively reproduced here, pays tribute to the hundreds of men from Capt Skinner’s Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry tank regiment who took part in the Normandy landings, and the bitter battle for northern France that followed…

Rest here.


One thought on “D-Day: 70 Years Ago, Today

  1. God Bless the faithful military chaplains, past, present and future! This 70th year of remembrance of D-Day has been quite in depth! Memories of my Irish Brit father and several uncles who fought there is profound for me! ~ RIP ~ There are also so many other families who feel this day! May God bless us all who remember!

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