Anglo-Catholics In Danger of Doing a Brazil

Cranmer’s Curate:

Sometimes it can be right to alienate one’s own supporters if an important issue of Christ’s truth is at stake, but Forward in Faith [UK] appears to be increasingly alienating its supporters for the wrong reason.

Cranmer’s Curate had noticed some rather disturbing equivocations on the received biblical teaching of the Church on human sexuality in the FiF magazine New Directions in recent months, but a very incisive piece by a blogger with the priceless name of Balaam’s Ass, posted by Anglican Mainstream – Gay Pride, Sex Discrimination and Anglo-Catholic Incoherence – has crystallised the issue.

Since losing some of its best and brightest leaders to the Ordinariate, the FiF high command has started openly flirting with the LGBT agenda, and this is causing consternation among Anglo-Catholic Christians in local churches.

The implications of this spiritual and moral drift in the FiF leadership are serious for conservative evangelical co-belligerency with Anglo-Catholics against the revisionist agenda in the Church of England. There has certainly been evidence of late that the Anglo-Catholics are proving unreliable allies.

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3 thoughts on “Anglo-Catholics In Danger of Doing a Brazil

  1. Readers might like to read this. And you thought it was the Soviets who rewrote history!
    Forward in Faith?
    Mgr. John Broadhurst
    When I resigned as founding Chairman of Forward in Faith it was an organisation which had recently resolved to support both the Society and the Ordinariate. This was with near unanimity at a National Assembly. I was happy to remain a member. Though I had concern and support for those I had led for twenty years and remained in the Church of England, I resolved I would never comment on any internal discussion in the Church of England or the organisation. The January Edition of New Directions challenged my intentions. I drafted a response and then decided to leave it unsaid. This month’s issue forces me to comment. Within a day of its publication I received many complaints from members of FiF who were also in the Ordinariate.
    Forward in Faith’s motto was ‘A vision of Unity and Truth’. The January article called ‘A Vision Glorious’ written by the new director seeks to re write history at the expense of both as it promotes the Society.
    What had challenged me was the statement “ Many of the other Catholic Bishops stood back from Forward in Faith, which was seen to some extent as the domain of the then Bishop of Fulham and the PEV’s, perhaps because it seemed too extreme.” This is to completely misunderstand our history
    The problem for the ‘catholic’ Bishops has always been that they are Bishops from the catholic movement, and not bishops of the catholic movement. They have been loved and valued by Anglo-Catholics but over the years I have often heard their assertion that people need to understand that they are Bishops of the whole Church of England. A consequence is that they inevitably stand back from all catholic organisations. This was not just Forward in Faith, but the Church Union and may other societies. Much more serious for the whole movement was their absence from the Catholic Group in Synod. In my 24 years in Synod the only bishop to regularly attend the group was Noel Jones. Interestingly he was also the only one to go round the country as we set up FiF. The only Bishops for the catholic movement were the PEV’s. The Catholic Movement was from the beginning led by priests and laity. Nothing has changed and when I was appointed Bishop of Fulham I offered my resignation because of the tension between episcopal office and a radical organisation. This was declined.
    That said, the decision to service and support the Society at great expense was taken in my time as Chairman, and all of the catholic bishops have been on the platform at national assemblies over the years. The Society has however got some problems. Firstly it is not really a society but a programme – its members have no say in its ordinance. Furthermore most of those who founded it only very recently are already all out of active ministry. Going back 30 years our consistent position had been our inability to accept women priests and Bishops for theological and ecclesial reasons. Our stance was always that a Code of Practice would not do. ‘Please don’t make us work with them seems misogamy rather than theology!
    This month’s article by the Director is a critique of the Ordinariate. It contains several questionable comments. He starts with the Ordinariate Chrism Mass. Whatever he might think, this is the Ordinary’s Chrism Mass. He is not a bishop because Rome decided it could not at this time ordain married Bishops. However Keith Newton has something he did not have as a PEV- jurisdiction. The ordinary would normally be a bishop and no doubt his successor will be. Mgr. Newton could have asked any Bishop to celebrate for him. The Nuncio was asked because he has been a real friend and not because he was the Pope’s personal representative. It is worth pointing out that only one Society Bishop has Jurisdiction. ‘Ecclesiological problems’ work both ways.
    The second issue is our September 6th outreach day ‘Called to be One’. He suggests an implicit proselytism. I was party to the planning of this event and can assure him the truth is the reverse. We do get enquiries and questions from many laypeople. This event can be generally advertised and not specifically targeted. We wanted an event that would not cause us or others any problems. He ends his comments by asking to be told if any Forward in Faith member feels targeted. Perhaps he would also like a list of those actively discouraged from joining the Ordinariate by some still in the CofE? When the Ordinariate began we were told that there would be dialogue between us and those remaining. In spite of queries from our side this has not happened.
    I notice that recently the Cover of New Directions has the sub title ‘supporting the Society….’. Have the Officers unilaterally changed the democratically agreed stance of Forward in Faith? I deeply regret that this debate is in public but I did not publish the issue .
    I left a large and enthusiastic organisation with a large and varied team of activists. It is worth reminding ourselves that FiF raised and spent over £6 milllion and even now survives with bequests from its ‘extreme’ days. I remain proud of our organisation and all it achieved and wish it well.

    John Broadhurst
    Mgr John Broadhurst

  2. Speaking for myself, Anglo-Catholicism generally, as “Anglicanism” now historically is a graveyard! I.e. Spiritually dead, as a visible church… Speaking of course in today’s reality! And the so-called “Ordinariate”, who knows if it will survive, at least in the Roman Catholic sense? I know Anglicans here who have moved back or on! To speak eschatologically, and prophetically, “the times of the Gentiles are [being] fulfilled”, and of course part of this is the Gentile apostasy! (Luke 21: 25-28, etc. / Matt. 24: 15-31, etc.) … The Destruction of the Temple and the Signs of the End Times! And this goes will beyond 70 A.D. (Matt. 24: 3).

    1. And btw, The Church Catholic (universal), simply MUST have an eschatological position, especially today, as the Gentile Apostasy unfolds! And this is not simply some aspect of chronology, but the “spirit” of the age, and here St. Paul surely saw it prophetically: “Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed…” (2 Thess 2: 3, etc.) Paul’s Second Chapter of 2 Thessalonians is a mainstay for the church in this age and world, from Paul’s time until the end of the age! (Note, 2 Cor. 4: 1-4, etc.) Deception, rebellion and apostasy only increase at the end of this age and world!

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