The Global Anglican Realignment

This presentation addresses what’s happened in the Anglican Communion over the past decade and where it is headed.



3 thoughts on “The Global Anglican Realignment

  1. Interesting, but we Reformational and Reformed Anglicans see it a bit different! Strange, not a word about the Anglican Thirty-Nine Articles? And here too we must see the historical and large number of Confessions about the same time. All a large part of the Reformers themselves, with the Continental Confessions, and here of course too we cannot forget the greater and lesser Catechisms of Luther, as the great Lutheran Confessions! Indeed both Luther and Calvin had such a great effect on the English Reformation! And how can we forget the great Thomas Cranmer, the great architect of the Anglican Book of Common Prayer; and also Protestant Martyr?

    1. And btw, the Reformation will simply always run counter to Catholicism generally! But the Reformers themselves of the 16th century remembered the “reformatio” of the 13th and 14th centuries and took it as their model! “The Protestant Reformation had a wider meaning: it implied that appeal to conversion and to Christian liberty that descended to all the faithful.” Indeed always, ‘the Ecclesia semper reformanda” – the church always reforming, in “spirit and truth”! And Papal Catholicism simply cannot ever say this in its fulness!

      1. And btw, I hope most get my point, it was the Reformation, formally accepted by the “citizen assembly”, the people of God…the so-called laity that was, with the leaders, i.e. the Reformers themselves, that changed/reformed the Church of God. This was the essence of the Sola-Scriptura. And its history! And of course Papal Catholicism cannot follow here, i.e. not its essence!

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