Patriarch Kirill: Russia Poses No Military Threat

May God give that everyone realizes Russia poses no military threat and no other danger to people.

Orthodox Church News:

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia said he urged global community not to perceive Russia as an aggressor.

“May God give that those, who do not understand Russia, understand it today. May God give that everyone realizes Russia poses no military threat and no other danger to people. We will find salvation in unity and love – we address this appeal of St. Sergius to the entire Russian world and beyond, to the entire human kind. And may God give that our homeland remains able to implement this legacy of the great Saint of the Russian land,” Patriarch Kirill said at a concert in Sergiyev Posad dedicated to the 700th birth anniversary of St. Sergius of Radonezh.

Historical Rus “is the most important thing we should keep and give to next generations,” the patriarch said. “And we should be like-minded in all this and guard our unity – spiritual unity and human one. Love is where dissidence ends,” he said.

“With God’s mercy we will overcome all internecine quarrelling and all disruption at the space of historical Rus,” Patriarch Kirill said. The patriarch said he thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin, who attended the concert, for reflecting “the consensus, which exists in our society today.” “It is essential that the state leader is able to form common thoughts and ideas uniting people,” Patriarch Kirill said.

The Russian Patriarch offers condolences over Malaysian airliner’s crash in Ukraine here.



10 thoughts on “Patriarch Kirill: Russia Poses No Military Threat

  1. One remembers how some men in the Russian hierarchy of Russian Orthodoxy, were simply duped at best by Russian Communism! So these words by the so-called Russian Patriarch Kirill just don’t ring true for me anyway! Very sad, and really such a great spiritual loss to be duped so badly! Such are so many sadly in the leadership of the Historical Church’s today! – That’s how I see it anyway!

    1. Funny, I am 64 (65 in Oct.), and I bet your in the 20-30 crowd, perhaps? And almost everything is “racial” if ya don’t agree with that social liberal group! (Yes, there are some conservatives there, but not as many these days!) I judge things historically, biblically and theologically, and of course from a conservative paradigm (an old school Irish Brit).

      1. Funny you should guess my age as I’m in my early 30s. I’m anti racist but one of the most conservative guys you’re eve likely to meet. I’m extremely wary whenever someone plays the race card but I smell a rat in comments about the Russ people etc

      2. Some of family fought in the Cold War (Brits), and of course I somewhat lived through that time, so I don’t like the Russkie communists (and Putin is an old KJB man, and still a communist! This should be quite obvious from what we are seeing today also!), and I fought in Vietnam against Uncle Ho and his communists as an RMC (Royal Marine Commando, in Nam attached to the American Marine Force Recon, and in 1968 the year of the Tet. offensive. I retired much later from the RMC’s as an officer -“Mustang”, not too long after Gulf War 1, which I was also in. A Recon & Intell officer.) So I am not neutral, but this is not racial as ideological! The “rat” you should smell is “evil”! And it abounds still in the Russian government! And I lived and taught in Israel in the latter 90’s, and I am certainly pro-Israel!

        As a conservative, one must do their full historical homework! See old Sir Edmund Burke (the Anglo-Irishman), the so-called Father of conservatism also.

      3. And as I keep hammering! The Russians, leading the northern Muslim powers will be the last great persecutors of National and Modern Israel, moving into the Day of the Lord. But of course they all will be destroyed by Yahweh, at the Second Coming of Jesus/Yeshua! Ezekiel 38-39 ; Zech. 12: 1-4 ; 14: 1-9 ; Matt. 24: 14-30 ; Rev. 14: 14-20 ; 19: 17-21.

      4. Here’s another piece of interest!
        “Journalists of the newspapers Kommersant and Moskovskij Komsomolets accused Kirill of profiteering and abuse of the privilege of duty-free importation of cigarettes granted to the Church in the mid-1990s and dubbed him “Tobacco Metropolitan”. The Department for External Church Relations was alleged to have acted as the largest supplier of foreign cigarettes in Russia.The profits of this operation allegedly under Kirill’s direction were estimated to have totaled $1.5 billion by sociologist Nikolai Mitrokhin in 2004, and at $4 billion by The Moscow News in 2006.[37][41] However, Nathaniel Davis noted that “…There is no evidence that Metropolitan Kirill has actually embezzled funds. What is more likely is that profits from the importation of tobacco and cigarettes have been used for urgent, pressing Church expenses.”

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