Israel Opens Airport in Negev as Alternative to Ben-Gurion

Ovda, a military airfield, has opened after the FAA and the European Aviation Safety Agency temporarily canceled all flights to Israel due to a Hamas rocket attack on Tuesday.

Haaretz is reporting:

Ben-Gurion flight cancellations

Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz announced on Wednesday that Israel would be opening the Ovda Airport as an alternative to Ben-Gurion Airport. In practical terms, this means that foreign airlines that wish to land there instead of at Ben-Gurion Airport will be able to do so. No airline that operates at Ben-Gurion Airport has given its approval or agreement to move its flights to Ovda Airport as yet.

A military airfield, Ovda Airport also serves civilian flights whose passengers are bound for Eilat. Although the airfield is open, if it is to be used for civilian purposes, more civilian flight controllers need to be added to the control tower, as well as emergency firefighting and rescue crews, which are required for civilian airports. These crews are usually brought in from Eilat in accordance with ongoing need.

Ovda Airport’s ability to take in civilian flights is limited, and it is usually not prepared for landings of wide-body aircraft. The new airport in Timna, which is to be opened in 2016, will replace both Ovda Airport and the airport in Eilat.

Starting today, Minister Katz will increase the staff at the airport on an ongoing basis for however long the airport should require Airports Authority personnel, and also increase the number of firefighting and rescue crews there.

According to the plan, passengers who land at Ovda will be taken to the center of the country by bus, though this matter has not been settled yet.

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Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible

We spoke about Study Bibles yesterday, and here is yet another one for the Reformed (Anglican?) folk coming out this year: Reformation Heritage KJV (King James Version) Study.

The sampler is here. The notes – as would be expected – seem to be copious.

It should be ready in Fall, which for the rest of us (i.e. those who are not American or Canadian) means Autumn; and if, like me, you reside in the Southern Hemisphere, it means that it’ll be out in the Spring.