Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible

We spoke about Study Bibles yesterday, and here is yet another one for the Reformed (Anglican?) folk coming out this year: Reformation Heritage KJV (King James Version) Study.

The sampler is here. The notes – as would be expected – seem to be copious.

It should be ready in Fall, which for the rest of us (i.e. those who are not American or Canadian) means Autumn; and if, like me, you reside in the Southern Hemisphere, it means that it’ll be out in the Spring.



One thought on “Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible

  1. This looks good, I wish myself they were using, The New King James Bible, but that’s a Nelson product. So they went with the older KJV. Reformation Heritage Books is a very conservative group, so I assume this Bible comes from them. Myself, I like the Reformation Study Bible (ESV), with R.C. Sproul as the General Editor. But again there is no perfect Study Bible, and the Reformed tend to miss much of the truth about the Eschatological and End Times. Generally they are not pro-Israel, i.e. National and Modern Israel, and most reject the Premillennial truth! Thankfully however, some Reformed are pro-Israel and Premillennial. Generally here are several Historic Premill, as the American Gordon Clark.

    I would get this new Reformation Heritage Study Bible, (KJV). But then, its another English Study Bible! 😉

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