Gaza Campaign on Pace to Become Deadliest Israeli Conflict in Recent Years

The Washington Post:

Palestinian and Israeli casualties are mounting at a pace that could surpass any other Israeli conflict in nearly a decade, amid signs of a deepening military and political stalemate driven by diplomatic gridlock, Palestinian militant resilience and the absence of a clear Israeli exit strategy.

The rising death toll in the Gaza Strip conflict propelled U.S. and European diplomats huddled in Paris to call for an extension of a 12-hour humanitarian truce Saturday that had afforded both sides a brief respite from the nearly three-week-old conflict.

Late Saturday, Israel approved a 24-hour extension of the truce but said it would retaliate if Hamas prevented its forces from continuing to destroy tunnel networks through which the militants have attempted to infiltrate Israel. Hamas fighters, though, resumed firing rockets and mortar rounds into Israel.

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5 thoughts on “Gaza Campaign on Pace to Become Deadliest Israeli Conflict in Recent Years

    1. and all those who create and perpetuate War more resemble their true ‘father in Hell’, for they ‘do unto others as they would have them do’; even the ‘moral law’ written upon their hearts has been obliterated!

      1. Thankfully, we Brits and surely us RMC’s (Royal Marines) don’t create and perpetuate war, but in her Majesties service (the Queen), and for God and Country, we are trained and ready to defend our freedom and security at home and if needed abroad! And THIS is itself part of that Moral Law of God, (Romans 13)! 🙂

    2. And btw, yes, I support and stand with National and Modern Israel! But only when Jesus/Yeshua Comes Again Visibly and Personally will He deliver the People and Land of Israel! But oh the cost, noting Zech. 13: 8-9, “In the whole land,” declares the Lord, “two-thirds will be struck down and perish; yet one-third will be left in it.” (Verse 8) But the great summary is seen in Zech. 14: 1-4, etc.!

      And this enemy is of course the Antichrist, with the Gentile invasion under this Beast! But GOD keeps that “third part through the fire”!

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