World War I Soldier Survives Attack to Later Find Bullet in Bible

GMB 310714 WW1

‘I am sending in a parcel, my pocket Bible and three shrapnel bullets, of which the following is the story’.

These are the opening words of letter 28 year old George Hever Vinall sent to his parents in July 1917 which tells the story of how he survived an artillery attack at the Frond and later found a bullet from the attack lodged in his Bible. It stopped at the verse in Isaiah which reads, ‘I will preserve thee’. George Vinall was so convinced that God had saved him, he became a Bible translator after the war.

Do read on here. The whole letter is here.




One thought on “World War I Soldier Survives Attack to Later Find Bullet in Bible

  1. I was very blessed to have gotten to live and know both of my grandfathers (both died in the 70’s), who both were in WW 1, and were infantrymen in the trenches (Brits), and ‘went over the top’ many times! Also survived gas attacks. Putting on that gas mask proved to be very important! Such men and that generation will never be seen again, not in this life anyway. This being the 100 year anniversary of that ‘War to End All Wars’, which in reality was the first modern war, may they RIP! But have we really learned anything spiritual and eternal from that war? It appears very little in the big picture, as humanity still travels down that long road of the Adamic sin! History also is still repeating itself!

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