Pope Begins Promoting Christian Unity

Patriarch Bartholomew I (L) and Pope Francis in 2013

Theology and Society:

Enzo Bianchi — appointed on July 22 as consultor of the Pontificial Council for Promoting Christian Unity — said the Pope could allow a council of bishops, including Greek Orthodox bishops, to assist in governing the Church, the Catholic News website reports today (August 3, 2014).

Reform of the Synod of Bishops and the growth of synodality within the Catholic Church would greatly enhance the opportunity for union between Rome and the Orthodox churches by making the papacy less “monarchical” and the Catholic Church less centralized.

Bianchi — Prior of the Bose monastery in northeast Italy — said: “I believe that the pope wants to achieve unity by reforming the papacy.”

Pope Francis feels that union with the Orthodox Churches in particular is “an urgent goal,” Bianchi emphasized. “I believe that the Pope has one particular concern, that unity should not be achieved in the spirituality of unity but rather is a command by Christ which we must carry out,” he told the Italian daily “La Stampa.”

Reform would involve a new balance between collegiality and primacy, Bianchi explained. “The Orthodox have synodality, but not primacy. We Catholics have primacy but a lack of synodality.”


One thought on “Pope Begins Promoting Christian Unity

  1. Before we can move forward here we must define what is the true biblical and theological doctrine of unity ‘In Christ’, and does so-called “collegiality” and the papal idea of “primacy” even exist? Certainly the latter is not defined by the EO even close to the Roman primacy of authority! And there will never be true and biblical-theological unity with the Roman Papacy among the greater EO, especially those with their autocephalous nature.

    The last sentence above should show us this reality… “The Orthodox have synodality, but not primacy. We Catholics have primacy but a lack of synodality.” The two simply cannot really be put together, not in the Papal sense!

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