Church of England Legally Recognised in Italy

Italy agreement 1

In what is being called a historic legal agreement on recognition.

The President of Italy has formally signed a decree which recognizes seven years of preparation by the Church of England to have official status in the country and be recognised as a denomination. It was granted after careful and detailed examination of the Ministero dell’Interno (Italian Home Office) the Direzione Centrale degli Affari dei culti (central department for religious affairs) and Consiglio di Stato (advisory body of the Italian government on administrative matters and their legal implications, with the approval of the Consiglio dei Ministri (Italian Cabinet). It gives legal status to the association Chiesa d’Inghilterra and accepts its statutes.

The signing by President Giorgio Napolitano on 17 July 2014 coincides with the launch of a new website under the auspices of the agreement. It includes information about the 20 churches in Italy within the Diocese in Europe as well as news and more general background information.

At present, most of the information is Italian but work is progressing rapidly to complete the dual language project with more details in English. The Venerable Jonathan Boardman, Archdeacon of Italy and Malta says he is delighted with the agreement and sees it as a firm foundation for joint relations in the future.

Check out the website for yourself



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