The Forever Bible

Using Space Age nanotechnology, it even floats on water…



2 thoughts on “The Forever Bible

  1. The Nanotech Bible eh, but I actually like to wear-out a Bible! Then I have read it! And thankfully I have worn-out a few in my 64 years! I actually am one of those that takes great care of my Bible’s! I still have the Douay-Rheims Bible I was given at my Catholic Confirmation (about eight years old, as I remember?) In reality I wore-out my first KJV Bible, which I received earlier from my “Brethren..PB” greatgram! The old “Jimmy” is so easy to memorize too. Btw, try reading the NKJV, it has about the same cadence and sound/rhythm of the KJV also.. This is my favorite Bible to give new converts! But generally I give seekers the ESV Bible. But it depends on the reading ability and age, etc. I really have found those that have read and used the NKJV, to love it!

    1. Maybe my first Communion was at 8? And my Confirmation was 9 or 10? I have it written down somewhere. At 64, (65 in late Oct.) my memory gets spotty! 😉 Funny however that we never forget some things!
      Btw, are there any that have this Nanothech Bible out there?

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