Churches in West Africa Call for Prayer as Ebola Virus Spreads

Ebola virusChurch leaders in West Africa have asked for our prayers as the Ebola virus continues to spread, with 932 reported deaths as we go to press.

Please make use of the prayer we have written – see below.

Ebola is spreading in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea and threatening other countries in West Africa.

The people of Ghana are becoming increasingly aware of the epidemic.

We are in contact with our Anglican partners throughout the Church of the Province of West Africa (CPWA), which includes The Gambia, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Cameroon and Ghana.

Janette O’Neill, Us Chief Executive, said: ‘This is the worst Ebola outbreak in history. When communities face such terrible suffering the church must be there to combat fear and hopelessness with both love and tangible support.

‘The church can also be a source of knowledge to help families understand the situation, and the church can help to make sure governments are fully aware of what is happening at community level.’

Read on here. There are prayers too:

Prayers for West Africa:

God of our anguish, we cry to you
For all who wrestle with Ebola.
Grant we pray, peace to the afraid,
Your welcome to the dying and
Your comfort to those living with loss.
And, merciful Father,
bless those many loving hands
That bravely offer care and hope.

God of healing,
whose Son healed those who were brought to him.
Hear our prayer for the peoples of West Africa
suffering from the Ebola outbreak.
Inspire and enable your church
to be a source of healing, comfort and hope to those affected,
and an agent for the education
and equipping of communities
to stop the spread of this disease.
For the sake of your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord.



One thought on “Churches in West Africa Call for Prayer as Ebola Virus Spreads

  1. Amen to this Prayer!
    The Sacrament of the ‘Anointing of the Sick’ would be most efficacious in this regard and should be offered and even encouraged to all concerned; it should be the Church’s greatest concern.

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