ISIS Is Coming For You…

Yes, you.

IS militants: Our message to the entire world is that we are the soldiers of the Caliphate state and we are coming.
Chilling message from IS militants warns the world of their bloody intent…

Watch it here.

You’ve been warned.



3 thoughts on “ISIS Is Coming For You…

  1. Let all free Jews and Christians, “lock & load”! Both spiritually and personally/visibly! “If God be for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8: 31) Of course this promise is for Christians, ‘In Christ’, but it also moves towards God’s “elect” in National Israel also! Who will too, in God’s time and purpose SEE and believe In Christ/ Messiah Jesus/Yeshua-Yahweh! (Rev. 1: 5-7)

    1. Btw, just a note and thought… but I bet the old NVA Communists were tactically tougher than these ISIS guys. They have yet to see a trained and disciplined enemy! But they are willing in evil I know. But God’s will and purpose be done! No one can defeat the true God, and this GOD is of course Judeo and Christian!

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