Archaeology and the Spiritual Life

Three lessons learned while digging:

This summer I worked on an archaeological excavation at Shikhin, an ancient village a few miles from Nazareth in Galilee. I am not an archaeologist but a student of the New Testament. Why, then, go on a dig?
My research concerns family life in the ancient world. And I’d like to know more than what we can learn from documentary evidence. Documents are invaluable in historical discovery, but they often give a distorted picture of the time, providing insight primarily into the lives of the wealthy, the elite, the powerful — primarily into the lives of men. I want to know about women and children and the ties that bind families together as well.
When we need to know more about a time period than we can learn from documents, we turn to material evidence. Hence, archaeology.
I learned much about methods of excavation, but as I reflect on my recent dig, I realize I’ve learned more than how to use a trowel. I leave with three lessons archaeology taught me about the spiritual life…

Read them here.



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