Vatican Rejects Reports About Papal Assassination Plans

Italian press report has claimed that Islamist terrorists were preparing to assassinate Pope Francis – Vatican spokesman Lombardi: “The Vatican does not harbor special concerns in this direction”

Vatican City ( The Vatican has denied a report according to which Islamist terrorists were preparing an assassination attempt on Pope Francis. This lacks foundation, in the words of Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi. “There is nothing to be taken seriously. The Vatican does not harbor special concerns in this direction,” as the media quoted him on Tuesday.

On Monday, the Italian daily newspaper “Il Tempo” spread rumors, that fighters of the terrorist militia “Islamic State” were planning an attack on the Pope. Referring to Israeli sources, it was said that their leader, the self-styled “Caliph” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, had ordered attacks in Europe and in particular against Francis as “the greatest representative of the Christian Religion” and “support of false truth”.

Currently, the jihadists fighting in Syria and Iraq, are coming to Italy, militia mingled with the numerous refugees coming across the Mediterranean. Last week the Italian media reported that Italy is reinforcing its security measures. But a concrete suspicion of terrorism did not exist.

During the general audience on 13 May 1981 in St. Peter’s Square Ali Agca, surrounded by about 15,000 people, made ​​an attempt on John Paul II. The Pope barely survived.  There is still nothing certain known about the actual motivations and instigators of the Turkish-Muslim assassin. This assassination-Shirt by Pope John Paul II. (Rome Reports, Eng.)




3 thoughts on “Vatican Rejects Reports About Papal Assassination Plans

  1. Maybe I have read too much Malichi Martin? But I would generally agree that the Vatican would not want to admit anything here, anyway, even if they knew this to be true! There can be no doubt that many of the Radical Jihadist’s in Islam would love to take out the Pope, and especially the new Caliphate! I quite remember 13 May 1981! I would hope the Swiss Guard is much more heavily manned, and here I speak of weapons and modern communications!

    1. PS…I am myself very concerned about this possibility! Though I am not, or no longer Roman Catholic, it would be a most terrible thing if the Musilm Jihadist’s did such a thing! So we must take it in the full scope of things possible! But pray God forbid! And most surely the history of Western Christianity does include Roman Catholicism, which again includes the Reformation! Both are historically connected.

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