3 thoughts on “Where at Least Half the Followers of Major Religions Live

  1. Personally, I don’t believe that Russia is among the Top 11 Christian countries in the world. The Orthodox numbers are notoriously inflated. For example, in neighbouring Poland, the latest census has shown that the numbers of self-declared Catholics and protestants correspond quite closely to the official Church data, while the number of people declaring as Orthodox is just one third (sic!) of the official number provided by the Polish Orthodox Church.

    1. But aren’t you Polish Catholic mate? And quite simply how can we even began to diminish Russia, and especially Russian Eastern Orthodoxy? Btw, I too have had my up’s and down’s with the Russian Orthodox, but then I read again men and people like Schmemann, Florovsky, and we can’t forget the great Bulgakov! And I am a Reformed Anglican myself! Though I would agree the Russian Orthodox are somewhat ill lead today! But we should too note the great affect Russian Orthodoxy has had in America, and the West! See too btw, John Anthony McGuckin’s book: The Orthodox Church, etc. And pages 47-60, as the (ROCOR)…Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, pages 51-60, 77-80, 88.

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