It’s Been a While…

… about a year to be precise, since there’s been any blogging around here. Earlier today, after Church, I thought I’d dust off the blog a little, and looking at the Stats, I notice that well over a 100 souls still pass by the blog on an almost daily basis. That isn’t bad given that not much has been going on here.

Some of the more tech savvy folk out there may have noticed that I have been Tweeting, daily. More motivational stuff etc. The Tweets also tick over in the side column of the blog. Easy. 140 characters or less.

I’ve been considering blogging a little again… But it’ll definitely be more on a personal basis. Church politics (or Churchianity), admittedly, got the better of me. All the seething, bickering and in-fighting. Nasty stuff. Some thrive on this of course, but it doesn’t do the soul well. Chaplaincy and parish activities have been keeping me about the Lord’s work. And His grace has been more than sufficient for me (2 Cor. 12:19).

I’m off to do an Radio Interview on CCFM 107.5 later this evening (20:00 which is GMT (UTC) 18:00). Looking forward to that!

We need new Chaplains, particularly in certain busy and volatile areas in and around the Western Cape. Do pray that the word gets out.




7 thoughts on “It’s Been a While…

  1. Greetings Father, it is good to see that you have dusted-off and recovered your blog! I assumed that ‘God’s Grace’ had taken you in different directions, perhaps more positive and fruitful, but I do think of you now and then and would send a prayer your way.
    It is well and good that the Holy Spirit directed you back to us! (I don’t tweet)

  2. It has been an arid time without your blogs Father. I sympathize with your angst over ecclesial politics: three very revered priests of my acquaintance (including my own dear old dad) crossed the Tiber to the Ordinariate and have been very badly dealt with, as their new church does not recognise the nearly 200 years of faithful priestly ministry that they share. They entered in good faith but were misled by local leadership as to their place in this new body. So much more I could say on this subject but there is little to be gained in doing so. So I see the return of your words as an oasis in the desert.

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