Biblical Archaeology

Did Jesus Speak Greek?

Did Jesus and his disciples speak and teach in Greek? What languages were spoken in first century Palestine? If so, does the New Testament preserve their actual communications?

These questions have generated rich debate through the years…

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One thought on “Did Jesus Speak Greek?

  1. It has become more and more obvious to me that Greek was the language most used in the area of Israel and the Middle East at the time of Jesus. The fact that the New Testament was written in Greek and that for the first 300 years all of the Christian Church worship Sunday meetings were done in Greek is a big clue. Also that the mistake of Nicodemus when Jesus said what has been translated as “unless a man can be born again he cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven” and Nicodemus replied, “Can a man enter again into his mother’s womb?” is only possible if Jesus was speaking Greek at the time. In the English translation of the New Testament Jesus says 3 times, “Peter do you love me?” and each time Peter replies “Lord you know I love you.” and that the writer of the Gospel says that Peter’s feelings were hurt because Jesus asked him 3 times if Peter loved Jesus; while in the original Gospel text, Jesus asks Peter, “Peter do you agape me? and Peter replies “Lord you know I filio you.” twice, until the 3rd time when Jesus asks Peter He says, “Peter do you filio me?” All of this is only possible if Jesus was speaking Greek to Peter and Peter did not know Greek as well as Jesus and thought that agape and filio were interchangeable words for love and meant the same thing, which they do not.

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