Dutch Reformed Church – NG Kerk – in South Africa Votes in Favour of Gay Unions

And homosexual Ministers are no longer required to remain celibate. I saw the news in Die Burger today. px

NG Kerk sê finaal ja: Gay mense is welkom:

Met amper geen besoekers in die besoekersgalery het die NG Kerk gay mense volledig in die kerk – as gelykes – verwelkom.

Die afgevaardigdes het Vrydag in Pretoria met 114 stemme die gewysigde voorstel ingestem. 63 stemme was daarteen.

Gay predikante hoef nie meer selibaat te wees nie en kan in ‘n burgerlike verbintenis wees.

Die selibaatheidsklousule wat in die besluit van 2007 ingeskryf is, is heeltemal verwyder.

Die besluit bevestig weer dat ‘n huwelik tussen een man en een vrou is.

Dit is egter nou amptelik dat “burgerlike verbintenisse van persone van dieselfde geslag wat gekenmerk word deur liefde en trou” bevestig kan word deur predikante wat “hul weg oopsien” om dit te doen.

Die algemene sinode het reeds Donderdag in ‘n toetsstem die voorstel van dr. André Bartlett, wat die raamwerk van die finale besluit is, aanvaar….

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One thought on “Dutch Reformed Church – NG Kerk – in South Africa Votes in Favour of Gay Unions

  1. Following a church that has condemned themselves by passing there own laws, ignoring God’s word completely so that they would fit in with the rest of the world. I will not. God’s law is above all. No change can be made to it. How many times it stands in the bible that a man that lies with another is an abomination in God’s eyes?
    Jesus came and he said you can be saved through him. Nowhere did he say in any of the three witnesses accounts that it is ok to do the above. The woman that was almost stoned because of adultery, he did say that anybody without a sin throw the first rock. True. He told the woman that her sins are forgiven, AND SHE SHOULD DO IT NO MORE. He did not say you may carry on with what you were doing.

    We may eat pork, “What goes into someone’s mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is what defiles them.”. (Jesus)

    No where in the bible it is said that it is ok now to be gay. Nowhere.
    Do I judge the people?
    No. Judge the sin.
    Otherwise, you are also judging the people who murder or steal.
    Sin is a sin and it must be repented and done no more.

    To the NG Church of South-Africa. You are the teachers which God spoke of. You are misleading God’s people. No matter how much the world, judges, courts, churches, people decide that it is not a sin anymore… they and you are not God. You are not allowed to make laws contradicting God’s word. Then you are a sect.
    Woe to the ones who mislead God’s children. Judgement will be harsh.

    Former NG Church supporter.

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