The BBC: Writing Christianity Out of History

A few days ago I had the slimy experience of listening to a forty-minute discussion on BBC radio purporting to show the history of Britain through the medium of poetry. I describe the experience as slimy because I felt, having listened to it, that I had been slimed, finding myself covered spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally in a decaying, mendacious goo.

Let me explain…

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One thought on “The BBC: Writing Christianity Out of History

  1. I’m afraid that Britain like Western Europe are stuck in the inevitable malaise of Socialism, Liberalism, and it’s the Governments job to satisfy and fulfill all my needs. Britain and Europe has believed Muslim Propaganda about their peaceful intentions and their blaming Israel for their violence and murder. Britain and Europe are similar to the days soon after Hitler began gobbling up Europe and Europe and the USA put their head in the sand of pacifism and hoped all belligerency would go away.

    It is clear that now is the time for the USA and it’s allies to act swiftly and militarily to stop all Muslin aggression anywhere and everywhere in the world. Will that happen? Not while Obama is still the President of the USA and not as long as the media is still pro liberal, pro Socialist, and pro Muslim.

    Right now we need more than human help and I ask God all Mighty, Creator of the Universe, to rouse your people and fill all of us with your Holy Spirit so that we in the USA don’t get as infected with the effete malaise of Europe’s immoral pacifism toward the Muslims. Amen

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