Confused About Syria? Who’s Fighting and Why

Tens of thousands are still fleeing this ancient part of the world.


Syria is a country of mountains, deserts and fertile plains, bordering Lebanon, the Mediterranean Sea, Iraq, Turkey, Jordan, and Israel. The country is largely populated by Sunni Muslims, but is also home to many other ethnic and religious groups: Arabs, Greeks, Armenians, Assyrians, Kurds, and Circassians, Christians, Shiites, Alawites, Druze, Mandeans, Salafis, and Yazidis.

The war in Syria has killed over 250,000 people and displaced over 12 million. Just today, tens of thousands are reported to be fleeing Aleppo with just the clothes on their backs, due to a  government offensive on rebel-held areas south of the city.

Although it began as a civil war, it has become much more and divided much of the Middle East, drawing in the United States and Russia. To better understand how Syria arrived to where it is today, Vox put together this simple video.


One thought on “Confused About Syria? Who’s Fighting and Why

  1. Firstly,I am Egyption and I am proud of that. secondly,it seems that u didn’t see terrorism because they are improving by american president did u know that they have weapons which are much more better than the army weapons also did u know that they put radioactive bombs in sinai to kill our soldiers from where did they get them also these bobms are found “made in U.S” also did u know that in syria 3 isis army are fighting syrian’s army for about 3 or 4 years egypt now is full of syrian’s. their homes wre crashed as they tented beside the limits on the country to feel safe beside another army’s like turkish army they were drinking poisoned water as there was no electricity there it was completely dark there some of them were dying cause of snowing weather after all that they still support their army and after russia entered there to support syria people still support their army.
    thank u.

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