One thought on “Read Scripture Series: Job

  1. it is interesting to note that it is Satan who challenges God to Test Job; the ‘mystery of Evil’ or… God’s ‘permissive will’? the ‘cosmic-battle-cry’ in the heavens is that Satan and his minions have been defeated, Eternally cast-out from Heaven, but the war still rages upon earth among the sons-of-men; a battle not among flesh and blood but among the Principalities and Powers, in which and of Whom the Ultimate Victory would be in Christ Jesus–“Son of Man” and “Son of God”! this Job did not yet understand nor can we even fully comprehend in the mire of our own daily existence. everything Jesus Lived and Taught sums up this entire reality and why the very Prayer given to us from Jesus Himself–“The Our Father” closes with the words “…lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the Evil One”. we are literally asking God so as NOT to be put to the Test. Jesus tells the Apostles in that perilous night in the Garden of Olives: “Pray and stay awake (be vigilant) that you will not be put to the Test”; on another occasion Jesus tells Peter: “Satan has asked to sift you like wheat, but I have prayed for you Peter that you will not be put to the Test”.
    much, if not most, of our suffering is because we are not Vigilant, we do not take Jesus’ Words seriously enough much less live them, so we force God’s hand (so to speak) to “permit” Satan to have his way. BUT God’s MERCY is HIS Greatest Attribute, at which even the Angels are in Awe. then so it is in this reality that we discover our true nature and posture of humility and can simply utter, at the close of each day, our only fitting battle-cry upon this earth, as that of the publican: “Lord, have mercy upon me a poor sinner”!

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