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Australia is Officially Becoming a Scary Place for Christians

Dr Michael F. Bird explains why here.

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Fanfare de Dieu

Is the Diocesan newsletter of the Anglican Catholic Church in Australia (TAC), which I must draw your attention to. You can read them in pdf. format. Editions are to be found here.    

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Human Remains Found In Crocodile In Australia

It appears a man may have been eaten by a crocodile in Northern Territory in Australia, after human remains were found inside the creature close to where a man went missing on Saturday. The Telegraph: Australian police on Sunday found … Continue reading

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Australia Now Has Suicide Bombers…

Has blown himself up in Syria. An Australian jihadist fighting in Syria has reportedly blown himself up in a suicide bombing near a military airport in the country’s east. For some time now concerns have been growing among the Australian … Continue reading

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Bishop Glenn Davies Elected as Anglican Archbishop of Sydney

Anglican Ink is reporting news on one of the most important episcopal appointments in the Anglican Communion. The Diocese of Sydney Synod has elected the Rt. Rev. Glenn Davies as its 12th archbishop in succession to the Most Rev Peter Jensen. … Continue reading

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Anglican Priest Finds Bracelet, Tries To Sell To Owners

How selfish and greedy: Maybe he thought the Lord said “finders keepers, losers weepers.” An Australian Anglican priest who found a $6,500 bracelet and tried to sell it back to the owners has been humbled — and perhaps will be … Continue reading

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Priest Wants Xenophon to Apologise

And so he should! An Adelaide priest who says he was wrongly named by Nick Xenophon in federal parliament as a perpetrator of sexual abuse wants Senate President John Hogg to discipline his fellow senator and is calling for parliamentary … Continue reading

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Happiness Is … Being an Aussie

AussieMite and all… For the third year in a row, Australia is ranked as the happiest country in the developed world, according to the Better Life Index survey. National Geographic reports. And that despite: Well done!

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AussieMite – Sacrilegious Indeed

The controversial online ad showing a sacramental wafer being dipped into a jar of yeast spread during a Catholic mass has been withdrawn days after its release. Herald Sun: The ad was produced to promote the AussieMite spread and had … Continue reading

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Anglican Archbishop Accused of Bullying

Archbishop Dr Phillip Aspinall, who is the Anglican Archbishop of Brisbane and the Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia. Lawyers for the Archbishop and the synod of Brisbane diocese have failed to get key elements of the sexual harassment … Continue reading

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