Biblioblog Rankings – November 2011

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Lack of Internet Access ‘Like Having a Hand Chopped Off’

I thought of a few blogger when I read this:

People deprived of the internet feel ‘upset and lonely’ and find going offline as hard as quitting smoking or drinking.

Wow! Sure the internet is a great place – and I really enjoy blogging – but if this is the case, then it’s a serious problem!

The majority of people feel upset and lonely when they are deprived of access to the internet, according to consumer research.

A new study has revealed that 53 per cent feel upset when denied access and 40 per cent feel lonely if they are unable to go online.

The research found that people experience these feelings even if denied online access for a short time.

The study was carried out by consumer research firm Intersperience, who surveyed over 1,000 people.

Participants were quizzed on their attitudes to the use of the internet, smart phones, and other devices, and were even asked to go 24 hours without any access to internet technology.

Giving up all technology allowing web access was described by some participants as similar to quitting drinking or smoking.

One person surveyed even said being deprived of the internet was ‘like having my hand chopped off’…

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Biblioblog Top 50 (May 2011)

With a new #1:

Oh my! This is the real deal this time.  “Number 2″ Joel Watts (et al) has taken over the top spot from perennial Biblioblog rankings tyrant leader the devil Jim West.  Will the top two spat or will Beelzebub  Jim relinquish his title graciously?  Will the person who I’m sure must have cheated somehow Joel rub it in or behave like a good sport?  Stayed tuned for this episode of As The BiblioBlog World Turns …. 🙂


Rank Blogger Blog Name Alexa Rank
1 Joel L. Watts, et al Unsettled Christianity  67111
2 Jim West Zwinglius Redivivus 69774
3 James McGrath Exploring Our Matrix 106545
4 Marc Cortez Scientia et Sapientia 152050
5 John Loftus Debunking Christianity 160318
6 Neil Godfrey Vridar 185837
7 Matthew and Madeleine MandM 198403
8 J. R. Daniel Kirk Storied Theology 200710
9 Airton José da Silva Observatório Bíblico 226410
10 Todd Bolen  Bible Places 234263

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Congrats Joel!



The Biblioblog Reference Library

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This is a list of the blogs that are currently indexed in the Library…

The actual list of current Biblioblogs is maintained independently by The Biblioblog Top 50, with whom The Reference Library is not directly affiliated…

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Biblioblog Top 50 (March 2011)

On April Fool’s Day is here.

The Top 10:

Rank Blogger Blog Name Alexa Rank
1 Jim West Zwinglius Redivivus 67430
2 Joel L. Watts Unsettled Christianity 76709
3 Dan Wallace Contra Mundane 142679
4 James McGrath Exploring Our Matrix 146530
5 John Loftus Debunking Christianity 150931
6 Brian LePort Near Emmaus: Christ and Text 163558
7 Marc Cortez Scientia et Sapientia 179079
8 Matthew and Madeleine MandM 183633
9 Neil Godfrey Vridar 216038
10 Airton José da Silva Observatório Bíblico 217395

Rest follow.