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The Science Is Clear: Don’t Text and Walk

Smithsonian: Being distracted by texting makes people walk more slowly and crookedly, and they are more likely to be hit by cars Read on here.  

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Texting and Driving: Is it a Sin?

Dr Taylor Marshall writes: Is texting and driving a car sinful? I am certainly guilty of it. In fact, I did it today on the way home from a Saint George campout (the campout was lots of fun by the way. 80 … Continue reading

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We are in a Post-Website World

Time to get those heads out of the old dusty Churchmanship books… again. It’s a post-website world, but you still need a website. A church website is still essential, but the primary ways your church will interact with people are through numerous … Continue reading

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An App for Archaeological Sites in Israel

Using advanced augmented reality technology, Architip lets users visualize ancient sites in their original form. This is fantastic! Times of Israel reports: Visitors to Israel’s many archaeological sites are often told to come equipped with a camera, and an imagination. The … Continue reading

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Toilet Technology – Two Thirds Take Gadgets to the Bathroom

Two thirds of bathroom-breaks are now being accompanied by technology, research has revealed. A study of 2,000 adults has revealed that over a third will bring their phone with them to the toilet, playing games, texting friends or pinging e-mails … Continue reading

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iPhone 5

I think I’ll stick to my BlackBerry…  

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Gravestones Embedded with QR Codes

iol reports on QR codes (Quick Response Codes) that are now being inscribed on some gravestones. The next time you stop by the cemetery, you may learn a lot more about your dearly departed than a few ceremonial words. A few … Continue reading

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South Africans Spend More Time with Mobile Phones than TV

South Africans spend more time on their mobile devices than they do watching television to listening to the radio, according to a Mobile Media Consumption survey. Times Live: On any given day, mobile web users spend 30 percent of their  … Continue reading

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Why I’m Thinking of Cancelling with MTN…

Bribing governments to do business with the evil Iranian regime? MTN faced a potential lawsuit in the US relating to allegations that it bribed Iranian and South African government officials, the largest cellular operator in Africa said yesterday. The bribes … Continue reading

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Cell Phone Rudeness

The final movement of Mahler’s Ninth Symphony is a slow rumination on mortality, with quiet sections played by strings alone. During the New York Philharmonic’s performance Tuesday night, it was interrupted by an iPhone. The jarring ringtone—the device’s “Marimba” sound, … Continue reading

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