The Flight

Which is based on a poem by George Szirtesr: The child on the dirtpath finds the highway blocked The dogs at the entrance snarl that doors are locked The great god of kindness has his kindness mocked May those who travel light 
Find shelter on the flight 
May Bethlehem 
Give rest to them. The sea is…

All Souls Day

Today is All Souls Day, a holy day set aside for honouring and remembering departed loved ones. Parishioners have an opportunity to write the names of relatives in a Book of the Dead, and the names therein are read out from the Altar. Many people use the day to meaningfully express their sorrow over the loss of a loved one.…

The Sin of Sodom

Sodom’s sin from a Jewish perspective is discussed in the Jerusalem Post: … It was not only Sodom’s evil that God could not tolerate. It was also the silence in the face of that evil. And that silence ultimately excluded all of Sodom from the world to come. Rest here. HT