John Corapi is Nothing if Not Modest

Writes Mark Shea:

In this updated and expanded version of John Corapi’s life story, entitled “Don’t Look Back”on DVD, you can glean few insights into his life. From his early days, to his ordination as a priest by Pope John Paul II, to his twenty years’ labor for the sake of the Gospel, to his untimely and tragic betrayal and dismissal from the Catholic priesthood, you will learn things not previously known. During the time of his ministry, it is arguable that he was the most effective preacher and teacher the Catholic Church had. Why was he seemingly cast into the gutter almost overnight with no recourse, no hearing, no consideration for the very substantial contribution he made over a twenty year period? A synthesis of his autobiography, “THE BLACK SHEEP DOG…CROSSING THE
RUBICON,” you won’t want to miss hearing the expanded version of his classic “Personal Testimony.”

Um. He was not dismissed. He quit, vamoosed, bailed on his vows, ditched his vocation, defied and smeared his bishop and investigators–in order to stop the investigation of his drugging, whoring, sexting and unfitness to be a priest, as the findings showed. And that lie is all the warning you need that the latest phase of Fr. Corapi’s career is to begin attacking the Church and laying victim as he continues his attempt to rebrand himself as the chaplain to Right Wing Generic American Civil Religion. His whole “I was the greatest Catholic of my time, but was shocked at the corruption and the Powers That Be had to silence me” schtick is taking shape.

I reiterate: the real hero of this whole sham is Bp. Mulvey.


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Former Father John Corapi’s Bizarre Video Goes Viral

And so does the backlash:

The man formerly known as “Father John Corapi” was known for being a bit dramatic. His voice and even sometimes what he said has always been a bit suspect to me. But, because he was preaching orthodox Catholicism and had a profound, positive impact on those who listened to him, I just passed it off.

In a move that surprised even Corapi’s opponents, who are mostly liberal “Catholycs,” Corapi announced via his website and YouTube video (see below) that he would no longer be refered to as “Father” John Corapi. (I need to preface this next statement by clarifying that I am NOT kidding.) Corapi now wants to be referred to as “The Black Sheep Dog” John Corapi.

Mark Shea, Catholic writer and blogger, said, “John Corapi sets world record for most passive-aggressive manipulative self-aggrandizement ever squeezed into 8 and a half minutes.” He also called Corapi’s followers “suckers.” He later apologized for “loosing his temper” in his comments.

Shea has a point, though. Corapi let the investigation go on for all of about 4 months before calling it quits to his priestly vows. Not only does it make him look as guilty as O.J., but it also makes him look as though he is using this opportunity to sell more product and make more money (the first post on his new website was about a sale in honor of his ordination anniversary).

The video post of Corapi’s self-pitying groaning has almost 70,000 views just two days after it was posted. But the negative response to his bizarre action is going viral at a much greater rate. Even the comments on the video are not supportive.

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Fr Z on Fr Corapi

Fr John Zuhlsdorf  (who was Ordained with Fr Corapi) writes:

I haven’t written much about Fr. John Corapi, because I honestly don’t know much about what is going on.  I don’t know the details.   But I am sad to read that he is leaving active ministry.  I am profoundly sad.

Fr. Corapi and I were ordained together, by John Paul II, in 1991.  I didn’t know him at that time.  After ordination I think I only ran into him twice, at conferences were we were both speakers.  So, I don’t know him.  I don’t know what is up with his life or situation and I won’t speculate.  Nevertheless, by that tendril connection of our ordination, I have imagined a kind of bond with him and all the other men scattered across the world, even though I didn’t know most of them personally.

So, I don’t have much to say about Fr. Corapi.  I do have a few things to say about the circumstances surrounding this sad announcement…

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