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Did Pope Francis Preach Salvation by Works?

… and not just salvation by works, but universalism–that all will be saved? See what Fr Dwight Longenecker has to say.    

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Writes Fr Dwight Longenecker: As part of my work for the upcoming Year of Faith, I’ve started FaithWorks!–a free, weekly newsletter. Each week there are two or three articles on the practical practice of the Catholic faith. If you haven’t … Continue reading

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Some Anglican Difficulties

Writes Fr Dwight Longenecker (who I seem to be linking a lot to of late): When I lived in England Anglicans almost universally referred to the Catholic Church as “the Roman Catholic Church.” They would emphasize the word “Roman”. The subtext … Continue reading

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Fr Dwight Longenecker Joins the Collective

At Patheos: … I want to welcome all my regular readers to my new home. I hope before too long to be zipping around WordPress with no problems, and I want to use this new chapter in the life of Standing … Continue reading

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Fr Dwight Longenecker on the Installation of Msgr Steenson

Fr Dwight Longenecker who was there shares his impressions: It was an amazingly historic day yesterday in Houston, Texas. I was present for the inaugural Mass for Msgr. Jeffrey Steenson as the first ordinary of the Ordinariate of the Chair … Continue reading

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