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Westboro Church Uses iPhone to Announce Steve Jobs Funeral Protest

The height of hypocrisy: The Westboro Baptist Church took to an iPhone when they heard about Steve Jobs’ death Wednesday night, sending out a message saying the Apple founder would be going to hell and calling for a protest of … Continue reading

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Debunking Jack Chick

In Why is Mary Crying? Chick Cartoon Tracts. … The devil is happy to see false preachers like Jack Chick distorting truth and misrepresenting the Holy Bible. Give it a read here. I’ve always found Chick intellectually dishonest. He far too … Continue reading

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Anders Behring Breivik

This is the man that has been taken into custody in connection with yesterday’s horrific terror attack in Norway: And here is more on him: The Norwegian charged with going on a killing spree in which at least 91 people died is a … Continue reading

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