Did Jesus Speak Greek?

Did Jesus and his disciples speak and teach in Greek? What languages were spoken in first century Palestine? If so, does the New Testament preserve their actual communications? These questions have generated rich debate through the years… Read Did Jesus Speak Greek? Advertisements

An Advent Calendar of NT Greek

This is well done – a few days in, but you’ll catch up. Some important vocab. for reading the birth narratives of Matthew and Luke (this version does not include chocolates): A NT Greek Advent. HT  

Barbarians, Beware!

  People are still influenced and informed by traditional, low-tech means through public monuments, gatherings and speeches, but are also targeted with messages and information on current events or matters of state through television, radio, internet and the print media. In ancient times, on the other hand, religious, political or social messages aimed at the…

On Reading the Whole Bible

A note to Biblical academics: I am always astonished to discover that there are some biblical academics who will admit that they have never actually read all of the Bible. Yet, it is often these very same academicians who harp on the absolute necessity of knowing the original languages. Don’t get me wrong. I am…