Western Anglicanism Seriously Compromised

So says a Kenyan Archbishop:

The Primate of the Anglican Church of Kenya says the tables have turned in the Anglican Communion thus it is time for the Global South to assert itself and take the gospel back to the West.

In his New Year sermon delivered at All Saints Cathedral, Nairobi, The Most Rev. Eliud Wabukala commented that, “…in our modern context we need now to be thinking of mission beyond our borders. In the past we have been the recipients of missionary endeavour and we thank God for those who brought the gospel to this land, but now the sending nations of the West are in deep spiritual and moral crisis and it is time for us to take a lead in global mission.

“The majority of Anglicans are now in the Global South and that means we need to take greater responsibility in global leadership. We cannot simply stand by as we see many of the Anglican Churches in the West, including the Church of England itself, being severely compromised by the deepening spiritual and moral darkness of the societies in which they are set.”

The evangelical archbishop noted, “The GAFCON movement is one way in which global Anglicans are responding to this need and I am very happy that in October this year, we are expecting the second Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON 2) to be held here in Nairobi and we look forward to welcoming Anglican leaders from around the globe.

“I believe this will be a strategic moment in the reshaping of the Anglican Communion to fulfil our vision for global mission and a time when we will experience a foretaste of that glorious gathering of the people of God which Isaiah prophesied.”

Wabukala said that the emphasis on a ‘holistic gospel’, one which expresses both deed and word, must be truly holistic in the need to seek after the presence of the God who reveals himself in the Scriptures at the heart and centre of our life as a church.

The Kenyan Archbishop said Christians should be neither optimists nor pessimists, but people with a strong hope in the promises of Scripture and the power of prayer.



Kenyan Churches Hit by Deadly Grenade Attacks

It seems as if these attacks happen now every Sunday, somwhere in Africa:

Ten people have been killed and 40 wounded in simultaneous attacks on two churches in north-eastern Kenya near the Somali border, according to a police official.

Police commander Philip Ndolo said gunmen threw grenades during the attacks on Sunday.

The bloodiest attack was on the African Inland church in Garissa, a town 120 miles west of the Somali border. Attackers threw two grenades inside the church, one of which exploded, Ndolo said.

As the congregation attempted to escape, the gunmen opened fire. Ten people were killed, including two police officers guarding the church, and about 37 wounded.  Militants from Somalia were immediately suspected.

At a second Catholic church in Garissa another grenade was thrown, wounding three people.

Garissa is one of two major towns near the Somali border. It lies to the west of the Dadaab refugee camp, which houses nearly 500,000 Somali refugees.

On Friday armed attackers kidnapped four international aid workers with the Norwegian Refugee Council and are believed to have taken them to Somalia.

Northern and eastern Kenya have suffered a series of attacks over the past year. Kenya sent troops into Somalia in October to hunt al-Shabaab fighters. The militants, who are allied with al-Qaida, have threatened repeatedly to carry out revenge attacks for the invasion.