Riot Police Break Up Mass and Stomp on Eucharist

Knock the Priest down and stomp on the Eucharist:

Cheju diocese has demanded an official apology after about 20 riot police disrupted a Mass yesterday on Jeju island. The police were clearing a path for a cement truck to enter the construction site of a controversial new naval base.

Father Bartholomew Mun Jung-hyun, who was presiding over the Mass at the gates of the site, was knocked to the ground while administering communion. It is claimed that a policeman also trod on the Eucharist.

Father John Ko Buyeong-soo, president of Cheju diocese’s Committee for Justice and Peace, visited the site shortly after the disturbance.

He told that he would demand an explanation and an apology from police.

“To step on or damage the Eucharist is an insult to Catholics,” he said.

The Jeju Provincial Police Agency yesterday issued a press statement in which it denied any wrongdoing.

“There was no violent force throwing Fr Mun to the ground or stepping on the Eucharist,” the statement said.

Woo Jeong-sik, chief inspector of Jeju police, later said it remained unclear whether Fr Mun was knocked down and added: “the policeman who allegedly stepped on the Eucharist said he did not do so.”

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Kim Jong Il is Dead

The much-feared North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il is dead. So reports the Sydney Morning Herald:

Kim Jong-il, the second-generation North Korean dictator who defied global  condemnation to build nuclear weapons while his people starved, has died at the  age of 69, Yonhap News reported.

The South Korean military has been put on emergency alert with their  communist neighbour now set to follow Kim Jong-il’s son Kim Jong-un, believed to  be 27.

The news of the death of  “Dear Leader” was delivered by a weeping  announcer in a broadcast at noon local time, Yonhap reported, citing North  Korea’s official media.

The official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said the leader ”passed away  from a great mental and physical strain” at 8.30am on Saturday (1030 AEDT  Saturday), while on a train for one of his ”field guidance” tours.

Kim is believed to have suffered a stroke in August 2008 and may have also  had pancreatic cancer, according to South Korean news reports.  KCNA said  Kim died of a ”severe myocardial infarction along with a heart attack”. It  said an autopsy was performed on Sunday.His funeral will be held on December 28 in Pyongyang but no foreign delegations  will be invited, KCNA said. A period of national mourning was declared from  December 17 to 29.

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God is certainly taking some interesting people just before Christmas.



Woman Leaves Fortune to Church

In Korea:

A 92-year-old unmarried woman has donated 1.1 billion won (US$935,000) to the Church.

Columba Lee Jeom-hong told Cardinal Nicholas Cheong Jin-suk at his office on September 23 the money was earned cleanly with her own hands and feet, in order to offer it to God.

“I lived without greed, and without waste of a penny,” she said of her simple life.

Cardinal Cheong thanked her and said “God will pay you back for the good deeds.”

In 1995 she donated an expensive piece of land in Seoul on which now the Labor Pastoral Center of Seoul archdiocese is located. In 2005 she donated her own house to the archdiocese.