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Ebola Patient Dr Kent Brantly Arrives in the USA

NBC News: A person in a hooded white protective suit with was helped out of an ambulance by a person in heavier protective gear on Saturday at the Atlanta hospital where an American doctor who contracted Ebola while working with … Continue reading

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‘God Will Deliver Me From This,’ Doctor Infected With Ebola Says

Please pray for Dr Kent Brantly as he battles this deadly virus. Dr. Kent Brantly is fighting for his life after being infected with the Ebola virus while working with Samaritan’s Purse in Liberia. The doctor is listed in grave … Continue reading

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South African X-ray Machine Steals Show in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

It showed on the telly last night. The Lodox produces the lowest levels of radiation of any other X-ray machine, and is used in 11 hospital trauma units across the country, mostly at government hospitals. While other machines might take … Continue reading

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Belief in God Improves the Outcome in Treatment for Psychiatric Illness

According to a Harvard study: Belief in God significantly improves the outcome of those receiving short-term treatment for psychiatric illness, a recent study conducted by the Harvard Medical School researchers has concluded. In the study, published in the current issue … Continue reading

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What Killed Herod the Great?

In the Montreal Gazette: Jerusalem — If hockey is Canada’s national sport, archeology is Israel’s.  Wherever one walks, one treads on history; wherever one drives, one travels  through history. Whenever one talks — well, consider for example a recent phone  … Continue reading

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In the country that used to be England, the weak are now to be murdered by thirst at the behest of bean counters.  Coming soon to a post-Christian state near you. Source:  Mark Shea  

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4,000 Years of Medicine

HT:  Sancte Pater  

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How We Die

The New England Journal of Medicine looks through 200 years of back issues to understand how we die differently: The first thing to notice here is how much our mortality rate has dropped over the course of a century, largely … Continue reading

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Totally Drug-resistant Tuberculosis

Not multi-drug-resistant (MDR) TB, but TOTALLY drug resistant: The PD Hinduja hospital detected four people with total drug resistant (TDR) tuberculosis (TB), the first such cases in the country till November last year. In the last two months, eight others have been … Continue reading

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Mysterious Disease Hits Uganda

The Africa Report: As Ugandans celebrated Christmas and New Year, most people in the northern parts of the country were seeking answers about a mysterious disease that has mainly affected children. The head nodding disease which mostly attacks children aged … Continue reading

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