Farm Workers Accused of Pelting Colleague to Death with Oranges

The Independent:

Police in South Africa have launched an investigation as two rural farm workers are suspected of pelting their colleague to death with oranges.
The man died after the suspects allegedly argued with him, before they collected oranges and began throwing them at him, police Lt. Col. Moatshe Ngoepe said citing witness accounts.
“They started pelting the deceased with all those loose oranges, killing him on the spot,” Ngoepe said of the incident which took place near the town of Tzaneenm in the Limpopo province of northern South Africa.
Mr Ngoepe cautioned that an investigation was still underway and aspects of a case he described as “complicated” still had to be verified.
The man was declared dead at the scene and he had no “visible injury,” suggesting he may have suffered blunt trauma, according to Ngoepe. He did not comment on the cause of the argument that led to the assault.
The suspects were detained Tuesday and later released pending formal charges, which could include murder.
Police and prosecutors are now awaiting the results of an autopsy in the hope it will uncover more details of the man’s death.

Son Held for Cleric Father’s Murder

A 28-year-old man has been arrested for the murder of his cleric father, Free State police said on Saturday.

Times Live:

“He was arrested on Friday after a lengthy interrogation by the police,” spokesman Sergeant Mmako Mophiring said.

The 60-year-old clergyman and his future son-in-law were killed at their home on Thursday night.

The cleric was in the living room with his wife, son, and daughter’s fiance when three intruders entered the house.

The assailants locked the reverend’s son in the bathroom. He was not hurt.

The daughter’s 25-year-old fiance was shot in the head and died at the scene.

The reverend was wounded and taken to hospital. He died on Friday morning.

His 59-year-old wife was taken to hospital, but it was unknown if she was shot or assaulted.

The cleric’s son will appear in the Harrismith Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

A man spotted by police walking on the N3 highway and covered in blood was arrested on Friday.

He was found in possession of five cellphones and a firearm. One of the cellphones belonged to a member of the family.

The man is also set to appear in the same court on Monday.



Vicar Murder Suspect Plotted to Kill Archbishop of Canterbury …

A drifter accused of murdering a vicar had plotted to kill the Archbishop of Canterbury, even travelling to the city to work out how to get past Rowan Williams’s security.

The Telegraph reports:


A drifter accused of murdering a vicar was plotting the murder of the Archbishop of Canterbury, a court heard.

Stephen Farrow, 48, claimed he had visited Canterbury several times to work out if he could kill Rowan Williams but there was “too much security” for him to attempt it.

Farrow has admitted killing the Reverend John Suddards, 59, at his vicarage in Thornbury, Glos., but denies murdering the vicar and pensioner Betty Yates, 77.

Bristol Crown Court heard how Farrow told people he had been abused by a priest as a child and texted a friend to say “the Church will be the first to suffer” before the killings.

Richard Evans, a mental health nurse, assessed Farrow after his first appearance before magistrates following the vicar’s death in February.

He said: “He said he had been to Canterbury, in Kent, several times to work out whether he could kill Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop.

“He said the security was astronomical but that he intended to kill him.

“He said he was quite grateful that he was arrested because this would have continued and he would have committed further offences.

“He made it clear, without prompting, that he didn’t do it for the notoriety or recognition”

Speaking about Rev Suddards: “He told me he watched him die and there was a significant amount of blood…


There’s more here.



Wife Charged with Murder of Priest

Anglican priest’s body was discovered by his two young children.

The Sowetan:

The wife of a Butterworth Anglican Church priest yesterday made a brief appearance in the Butterworth Magistrate’s Court in connection with the murder of her husband earlier this month.

Lungiswa Xuba, 40, and Vuyo Mehlo, 40, were arrested in Elliot last week Friday by Butterworth police detectives in connection with the death of Xuba’s husband, the Reverend Ongama Xuba.

At this stage it is not clear what Mehlo’s relationship is to Xuba.

Butterworth police spokesman, Captain Jackson Manatha confirmed their arrest and charges.

“After their arrest on Friday last week they were detained by police until they appeared in court yesterday. They made a brief court appearance and are expected back in court next week for a formal bail application.

“Both are charged with the murder of Xuba,” Manatha said.

Ongama was found lying dead in a pool of blood on August 3 inside the St Peters Anglican Church house yard in King Street, Butterworth.

He had multiple stab wounds to his upper body.

His body was discovered by his two young children who arrived home with their mother after returning from a shop.

“After seeing his body in a pool of blood, the two children returned quickly to inform their mother that their father was covered in blood.

“It is alleged that the mother and her two children had gone to town to buy something for the deceased.

“It is not clear how the perpetrator gained entrance to the house,” Manatha said.

At the time, Manatha said the motive for the murder was not known and that nothing had been taken from the house.

Ongama’s death shocked many in Butterworth and his church leader, Bishop Elliot Williams of the Mbhashe Anglican Church, described his death and the news of his wife’s arrest as “terrible”.

Eastern Cape Council of Churches leader Reverend Mpumelelo Qwabaza said police should not leave any stone unturned in their investigation.

“It is sad news to hear that the wife of the deceased has been arrested in this case.

“But we call for people to cooperate with the police investigation and we are praying that the congregation must be calm and let the police do their work.”

Qwabaza said they wanted a speedy investigation into the matter so that the truth could be revealed.

“There are children involved in this and two families, so it would be nice to see the investigations speedily resolved to have closure in this matter.

“(Ongama) was a leader who did not deserve to die like that.”

National Prosecuting Authority spokesman Luxolo Tyali confirmed the case and said the two would appear in court next week Wednesday. “They are currently remanded in custody.

“By next week they will both be given an opportunity to exercise their right to have their legal representatives in the case,” Tyali said.



Man Confesses Horrific Murder to Priest, Who Calls Police

In the Huffington Post:

Jonathan Smith drove from Columbus, Ohio, to New York City with a burden on his conscience so heavy that he unloaded on the first Catholic priest he saw: “Someone is dead, and I feel really bad about it.”

According to the New York Post, the priest in the midtown Manhattan Catholic Church of St. Francis of Assis quickly called the police, who then took a formal confession from Smith: “I killed my girlfriend in Columbus, Ohio.”

WSNY radio reported on July 23 that murder charges were filed against Smith in connection with death of his girlfriend, Darlene Hart, whose beaten body was found in his burning home on July 14.

The priest who heard the initial confession clarified to the New York Post that Smith was not giving formal religious confession, which would have prohibited the priest from sharing any information.

Instead, the priest explained, Jonathan Smith was telling the priest with a desire to turn himself in.



James Holmes: Spitting and Demonic Possession

Fr Dwight Longenecker writes:

Demonic infestation is a rare, strange and terrible psycho-spiritual affliction. It’s also real. Was James Holmes possessed?

But before we get there, how disgusting is this not?

Accused movie theater gunman James Holmes is spitting at jail officers so frequently that at one point he was made to wear a face guard, sources told ABC News.

Holmes’ odd behavior was first seen by the public when he appeared in court Monday looking dazed, alternately bug-eyed and nodding with his eyes closing.

But ABC News has learned that his loopy court appearance was just one of several bizarre behaviors…

Vile. But back to Fr Dwight:

What makes a mild mannered, promising young scientist decide to arm himself to the teeth, walk into a suburban movie theater and start killing innocent people at random?

Did he have a bad childhood experience? Doesn’t seem that way. Everybody says he was a nice, very smart, shy kid. Maybe a bit of a geek, but there are millions of geeks who don’t go on killing sprees. Was he insane? There weren’t any warning signs that he was crazy. Was he politically or religiously motivated? No evidence. Was he driven crazy by violent video games? He didn’t seem to play more than most kids. Was his mind poisoned by the nihilistic second Batman movie? It was a dark film, but millions saw it and didn’t go on a rampage. Was he somehow “possessed” by the Joker character? Some say the demonic Joker drove Heath Ledger to kill himself.

Now it’s getting spooky. There was a weird phone message with bizarre guttural voices and moans. Was he demon possessed? Maybe. It happens.

Demonic infestation is a rare, strange and terrible psycho-spiritual affliction. In simple terms, a malevolent, separate intelligence infests the mind and spirit of a person. It takes over the rational faculties and dominates the personality. The phenomenon is real, but anyone who has ever dealt with the problem realizes that the demonic realm is complex. The human person is an intricate organism in which the physical, mental and spiritual aspects are totally interwoven. Therefore, in most cases, trying to diagnose the possibility of demonic influence is extremely difficult.

This is because, in theory, demonic influence in a personality can exist on several different levels. Experts disagree about the terminology and extent of the diabolical influence, and in this arcane discipline, for reasons that will become clear, there are few set rules or guidelines. However, some levels of demonic involvement can be observed…

Is James Holmes demon possessed? It is impossible to say without a detailed diagnosis. Even then, it is a slippery question. We are dealing with a reality that is rubbery. In many ways this is the wrong question. Better to ask, “Was James Holmes taken over by Evil?”

Do read on here.



North West Priest Arrested for Murder

iol news:

A priest has been arrested for murder in Vrischgewagte near Mahikeng, North West police said on Saturday.

Brigadier Thulani Ngubane said the priest allegedly gave four women a concoction that was meant to heal them on Thursday.

“Two of them died and two are in Gelukspan Hospital after consuming it.”

He said the priest gave the women a mixture of spirits, cocoa and chillies to drink. They later complained of stomach aches.

The priest was expected to appear in the Atamelang Magistrate’s Court on Monday.