Precarious Monasteries Reveal Faith Close To The Edge

They are not all Christian monasteries, but worth a look.

stgeorge monastery israel

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Bible Archaeology

You Are Not Allowed To Do This…

But the results are spectacular.

These photographs capture the views from the  top of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

A group of Russian tourists waited until  official visiting hours were over at Egypt’s famous Giza Necropolis, before  scaling the enormous Great Pyramid as the sun began to set.

The Russians managed to escape the attention  of security guards at the ancient site, allowing photographer Vitaliy Raskalov  to snap pictures of the surrounding desert and the majestic Sphinx from the top  of the 455ft structure…

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Photos: Religion 2012 In Review

The Huffington Post has them.

The most powerful religious moments in 2012 were captured in what have become iconic photos. This collection, selected by the HuffPost Religion editors contains images that break and warm our hearts.

We hope you looking through them evokes powerful, inspiring memories.

Members of the Russian radical feminist group Pussy Riot try to perform at the Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow.