Will South Africans Ever Be Shocked by Rape?

The BBC:

At a time when Indians are re-examining their society in the light of a single, horrific incident of gang rape, South Africa seems numb – unable to muster much more than a collective shrug in the face of almost unbelievably grim statistics – seemingly far worse than India’s.

Here almost 60,000 rapes are reported to the police each year – more than double the number in India, in a far smaller country.

Experts believe the true figure is at least 10 times that – 600,000 attacks

It is not that the issue is ignored – far from it.

This week South African newspapers are carrying gruesome stories of what is being described as a new trend – the rape of elderly grandmothers, mostly in rural communities…

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Sex Selection Abortion Behind India Rape Crisis?

National Review Online:

India and the world were shocked and appalled by the vicious gang rape and subsequent death of an Indian medical student. Some are now asking whether the rape crisis that has so enraged India is partly the consequence of sex selection abortion. From a Time essay by Erika Christakis:

Growing evidence suggests that in countries like India and China, where the ratio of men to women is unnaturally high due to the selective abortion of female fetuses and neglect of girl children, the rates of violence towards women increase. “The sex ratio imbalance directly leads to more sex trafficking and bride buying,” says Mara Hvistendahl, author of Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls, and the Consequences of a World Full of Men. A scarce resource is generally considered precious, but the lack of women also leaves many young men without marriage partners. In 2011, the number of cases of women raped rose by 9.2 percent; kidnapping and abductions of women were up 19.4 percent. “At this point, we’re talking correlation, not causation. More studies need to be done….[But] it is clear from historical cases and from studies looking at testosterone levels that a large proportion of unmarried men in the population is not a good thing,” says Hvistendahl.

No, it’s not. But sex selection abortion is not a good thing on its face, regardless of harmful correlations or consequences.



Police Act in Alleged Rape of Archbishop John Hepworth

Adelaide Now has the news.


In September last year, Archbishop Hepworth pub-licly revealed that he had allegedly been raped by Father Dempsey and two other priests  one of whom is now dead  over a period of 12 years from 1960, when he was in the seminary in Adelaide…

Archbishop Hepworth yesterday said he had spent ” a substantial amount of time” working with police earlier this year to finalise his statement…



Mexico: Gunmen Attack Church Camp-Out

Toluca, Mexico – A gang of about a dozen armed people stormed into a church youth camp-out near Mexico City and went on an hours-long rampage of beatings, robberies and rape, authorities said Saturday.

Seven girls were raped during the Friday attack and several campers were beaten, according to the state prosecutors office in Mexico State, which surrounds the Mexican capital.

About 90 youths sponsored by a church group known as the Chains of the Holy Trinity were camping at an eco-park on the eastern outskirts of Mexico City, in a hilly area that is close to the lower flanks of the Popocatepetl volcano. Prosecutors did not say what church the group is affiliated with, but the camp-out appeared to have been a sort of spiritual retreat.

The office said that the attack lasted for hours, and that when the attackers left they stole two vehicles and other articles from the campers.

The office said investigators were pursuing two lines of inquiry, but did not reveal what they were.

Drug gangs operate on the outskirts of Mexico City, but campers and hikers have also been targeted in the past by common criminals.

The park is supposed to be patrolled by local police, but the attack occurred during the night and it was unclear whether officers were on duty at the time. Police only found out about the crimes when an adult organizer of the camp-out showed up at police offices to report the attack.

The state government said in a statement that it had witness’ descriptions of the attackers and pledged to catch and punish those responsible.



Johan Kotze, What an Evil Husband!

Brutal and evil

… the man allegedly shot dead his 19-year-old son who walked in on his mother being gang-raped and mutilated by him and his workers in Modimolle.

“It is alleged the husband confronted his estranged wife carrying a .22 rifle at her house on Tuesday around 17:00, accompanied by his three employees,” Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi said.

The 51-year-old husband, with the help of his workers, tied the woman to a bed in her home, before her husband allegedly ordered them to rape her at gunpoint.

He also allegedly tried to cut off her nipples with a grinder.

“While the three were raping the woman, his 19-year-old son arrived at the house and without any provocation his father shot him in the head. He died on the spot.”

The man had fled in his white Toyota Fortuner. The three workers also ran away and their whereabouts were unknown.
Mulaudzi said the woman was being kept at a place of safety.

His name is Johannes Christiaan Kotze and you can also follow developments for now on Twitter (Johan Kotze).



No Substance Archbishop John Hepworth’s Rape Claim

There is no substance to a breakaway Anglican church leader’s claim to have been raped by a Catholic priest, Catholic Archbishop Philip Wilson says.

So it in other words: Archbishop John Hepworth is lying.

Traditional Anglican Communion Archbishop John Hepworth said earlier this year he had been the victim of violent rapes by three priests that began in 1960, when he was 15.

Senator Nick Xenophon named an Adelaide priest  as one of the rapists under federal parliamentary privilege, saying the Catholic Church had taken too long to investigate.

Adelaide Archbishop Wilson said today that an independent inquiry into the allegations by Michael Abbott QC had found there was no substance to the allegations.

The investigation included interviews with 29 witnesses, many of whom were present at the time the events were alleged to have occurred, and examination of a large number of documents including those dating back to the relevant period, Archbishop Wilson said.

“I am satisfied that Mr Abbott examined every aspect of the allegations raised by Archbishop Hepworth,” he said in a statement today.

Archbishop Wilson said Mr Abbott also found there was no basis to Senator Xenophon’s criticism of the Archdiocese’s handling of the complaint.

“He found the matter was handled in a completely appropriate and professional way … and in accordance with proper procedures and sensitivity towards Archbishop Hepworth.”

Monsignor Dempsey earlier said it was “totally unfair and unjust” of Senator Xenophon to have named him under parliamentary privilege as a rapist.

He said he had never had sex of any kind, consensual or not, with Archbishop Hepworth.

Archbishop Hepworth, who is primate in Adelaide of the splinter group Traditional Anglican Communion, has said he was an adult when he was allegedly raped by Monsignor Dempsey.

Archbishop Hepworth has said he broke away from the Catholic Church because of the abuse. The two other accused priests are dead and his claims about them have been settled with the Catholic Church.