A Blessed Christmas

A blessed Christmas to all the readers and visitors to this blog. Rejoice and be glad for the Saviour has been born! May you always believe that Jesus loves you and is with you. And may you find time to reflect upon the blessing and true meaning of Christmas. Merry Christmas!  


Because we haven’t had any music on the blog in quite some time: Be blessed and keep the faith.  

Can there be Salvation Outside of the Church?

Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith writes: What happens to someone who is a good person but not a practising Christian? That was the second question put by my former parishioner, which I mentioned in the last post. This is a huge question, and one that has vexed theologians for a long time. It is also the one question…

Coming to a Point

Writes Charles A Coulombe: On my desk is an old Anglo-Catholic Prayerbook, published sometime in the 1920s by the Church Literature Association, and bearing the signature “Evan R. Williams, Oxford, 1951.” Acquired in a second-hand store, it would not be too surprising to find out that it had belonged to the late Fr. Williams, sometime…