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Historic Bell Stolen from St Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco

The Christian Post reports: This past Sunday parishioners at the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption in San Francisco discovered a big part of their church history was missing when they left 11 a.m. mass.  A 5,300-pound church bell, mounted … Continue reading

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San Francisco Catholic Church Hosted Transvestite Event

Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church hosted a fundraiser on Saturday, June 11, for the San Francisco Gay Softball League called the “Switch Hitters Ball.” The Switch Hitters Ball has been hosted by Most Holy Redeemer each year since at least … Continue reading

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Shocking: Gays Mock Christians with Easter Service

This is despicable. Here’s the video [Warning: nudity and vulgar language]: The whole report apparently including blurred out pics of a “gay Jesus” showing his private parts to the crowd is here [I could not bring myself to go there, the above was … Continue reading

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