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Breakaway Presbyterian Churches Pass 100 Mark

A conservative Presbyterian breakaway network of churches founded as an alternative to the more liberal Presbyterian Church (USA) has passed the 100-membership mark, the Christian Post website reports today (January 14, 2014). Founded just two years ago, the Evangelical Covenant … Continue reading

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The Russian Veto Against Francis and Bartholomew

The embrace between Rome and Constantinople is renewed. But a document from the patriarchate of Moscow freezes the discussion between Catholics and Orthodox on the powers of the pope over the universal Church… Read on here.  

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Why Conservative Anglicanism is Doomed

On Friday, the Anglican Church announced that the next Archbishop of Canterbury would be the current Bishop of Durham, Justin Welby. This appointment is important, since the Archbishop of Canterbury is the highest-ranking bishop within the Anglican Communion. Archbishop-elect Welby … Continue reading

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Hepworth Redux

A day ago someone in Australia who goes by the name ‘Jay Walk’ (no, that’s not Gay Walk) has conveniently uploaded a video which has been entitled: Traditional Anglican bishops sign Catechism Catholic Church Portsmouth UK October 2007. Deborah Gyapong has today … Continue reading

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Episcopalians on Both Sides of the Schism Feeling the Pain

The Post and Courier reports: Leaders on both sides of the Episcopal split in Charleston agreed on one thing Sunday morning. It’s a painful time for everybody. “There is a lot of hurt everywhere,” the Rev. Michael Wright, rector of Grace Episcopal … Continue reading

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Bishop ‘Abandons’ Church Over Gay Blessing Stance

Bishop Mark Lawrence banned as disciplinary board finds he has abandoned church because he has defied the national Episcopal Church and made state diocese his church’s authority. Via Goose Creek Patch: An independent news blog for S.C. Episcopalians has reported … Continue reading

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This Is Where Dissent Leads: Communion Given to the Dog

The Age (au): Father Greg Reynolds wants his church of dissident Catholics to welcome all – ”every man and his dog”, one might say, risking the non-inclusive language he deplores – but even he was taken aback when that was … Continue reading

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Historian (and Anglican Deacon) Predicts Catholic Schism

The Washington Post has the details: Influential church historian Diarmaid MacCulloch said he believes Christianity faces a bright future, but predicted the Roman Catholic Church will undergo a major schism over its moral and social teaching. “Christianity, the world’s largest religion, … Continue reading

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Confidential: Former TAC Archbishop Hepworth Seeks to Regroup

Exposed: Openly schismatic behaviour…Subversive and so unChristian. What kind of men are they?! Virtue Online: My Dear Fathers, Brothers and Sister, For some weeks, a number of us (including our founding Primate Archbishop Falk) have been praying and working on a response … Continue reading

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The Anglican Mission: Officially Going it Alone?

Stand Firm: There’s no mention of Rwanda, no mention of Congo, no mention of any bona fide Anglican Communion oversight: SPECIAL NEWS June 4, 2012 The Anglican Mission Society for Mission and Apostolic Works Commits to a Vision for the … Continue reading

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