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Peter Slipper Could Still Be Parish Priest (!) – Archbishop John Hepworth

[Background here and here] Has Archbishop John Hepworth lost his mind?! Peter Slipper’s ambition to serve as a parish priest could still be realised, despite the sex and fraud scandals engulfing him, the leader of Australia’s Traditional Anglican Communion affirmed yesterday. … Continue reading

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Archbishop John Hepworth: The Heated Sexual Abuse Dispute Continues

Catholic Culture has news on the indefatigable ignominy: A heated dispute continues in Australia about the sexual-abuse charges lodged by Anglican Archbishop John Hepworth. Msgr. Ian Dempsey, who was named by Senator Nick Xenophon as one of Hepworth’s molesters, has written … Continue reading

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Monsignor Ian Dempsey Denies Sexually Abusing Archbishop John Hepworth

The Australian reports: A Catholic priest has categorically denied raping Adelaide Archbishop of the Traditional Anglican Communion John Hepworth decades ago. Speaking under parliamentary privilege, independent senator for South Australia Nick Xenophon on Tuesday named the priest as Monsignor Ian Dempsey, … Continue reading

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Archbishop Philip Wilson on Archbishop Hepworth’s Abuse Allegations

The Archbishop of Adelaide, Philip Wilson, has released a statement on the allegation that Monsignor Ian Dempsey raped the now TAC Primate, Archbishop John Hepworth over forty years ago: STATEMENT BY ARCHBISHOP PHILIP WILSON REGARDING THE ALLEGATIONS OF ABUSE MADE BY ARCHBISHOP JOHN HEPWORTH 14 SEPTEMBER 2011 I … Continue reading

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Monsignor Ian Dempsey Accused of Raping TAC Primate Archbishop John Hepworth

Monsignor Ian Dempsey The Age calls it as it currently stands: A former head Catholic chaplain of the navy,  Ian Dempsey,  was named in the  Senate last night as having allegedly raped a fellow seminarian 50 years  ago. The naming by … Continue reading

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Sexually Abused: Archbishop John Hepworth (Traditional Anglican Communion)

The Australian reports: An Australian archbishop leading a breakaway Anglican faction that wants to reunite with Rome has revealed that he fled the Catholic priesthood after experiencing systematic sexual abuse over more than a decade. Archbishop John Hepworth, the primate of … Continue reading

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She’s 10 and May Be Sold to a Brothel!

In The New York Times: M. is an ebullient girl, age 10, who ranks near the top of her fourth-grade class and dreams of being a doctor. Yet she, like all of India, is at a turning point, and it … Continue reading

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Guidelines for the Protection of Priests

Sadly, they are needed.

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Crisis in the Catholic Church: ‘needs to haunt us’

After the devastating revelations in Philadelphia this past month, Catholic leaders and Catholic laity are asking, “Will it ever end?” Will there be a time when we won’t be blindsided by new revelations of abuse and new revelations of allegations … Continue reading

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Jesuits Pay $166m Compensation to Sexual Abuse Victims

This is unreal: A US Jesuit order has agreed to pay $166 million (£103 million) to compensate some 500 mostly American Indian child victims of ‘horrific’ sexual abuse at religious mission schools. Shocking! The US Northwest chapter of the Rome-based Society of Jesus … Continue reading

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